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Hummingbird Playground Fountain
(Version I V- 3/9/2018)

The Tabletop fountain was requested by hummingbird lovers wanting a smaller version of my $350 “Hummingbird Playground Fountain”.

Here are several elements that make this fountain unique.

1. The main bowl holds a large volume of water for the size of the fountain and only requires topping off every other day. The smooth interior of the bowl makes it easy to clean.

2. The splash basin has a trap door with holes dripping into the lower bowl and keeps the depth of the water about 1/4”. Small scrub brush and terry towel work fine for cleaning

3. The flowers are created to be mini-spas. I tried molding the flowers using a soft polymer but the cost of materials was too high and use a cast stone with a red non-toxic rubber coating (Plasti Dip).

4. One petal of the flowers have a dipped edge creating a waterfall.

5. The perimeter of the flowers have a rounded edge so it is easy for the hummingbirds to grip.

6. The nozzles have three water streams, when matched with the water-flow of the pump the streams are a convenient height for the hummers and splash within the edge of the flower. When all 3 nozzles are used the streams shoot much higher and create a lot of splashing and water waste. A single nozzle seems to be just right for the 3 flower configuration, the other 2 flowers become bubblers. The hummers seem to enjoy dancing and flying into the water streams and sitting on the bubblers.

7. The arrangement of the flowers create a stage for the water ballet. The height of the flowers makes it easy for the hummingbirds to go from one level to the next with a minimum of flight, however it seems they like variety and flit from one blossom to another just for the fun of it. There is enough variety to keep their interest and extend their visit.


I have had as many as 8 hummingbirds in my fountain at one time before territorial skirmishes dominate the morning performance. Mostly the hummingbirds are early risers coming for a bath and play in the water before sunrise and stay for about ½ hour, not very good for SOLAR. On occasion they may pay a brief visit during the day and it always cracks me up when they hover next to me when I am working on the fountain or adding water.

That is why I am “Hooked on Hummers!


1 level with 3 individual Flower Mini-Spas.

Tabletop Lower BOWL Basin is  15” dia 8”deep Holding about 2 gallons.
  containing the re-circulation pump and manifold for the Flower Spas.


Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete made to order.

Flat bottom Sets on small table, or plant stand.

             Each fountain takes about 3-½ Days to construct.    

Tabletop Floral Fountain Price $175 - Packing for Shipment $45

(+ shipping UPS Ground from Southern Calif. zip 92587)

      $45 - $125

To order Fountain: “Request TABLETOP INVOICE” to include shipping QUOTE

Very extended lead time first come first served with reservation deposit $25


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Deposit RESERVATIONS required First come first served 6-8 week wait list